KKBESTPACK Pink 12x15.5 Poly Mailers Shipping Bags for Small Business – Self Sealing Package Envelopes for Non-Fragile Items – Waterproof, Tear Resistant, Triple Layer for Privacy (12 x 15.5)


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  • SHIP CONFIDENTLY with 12 x 15.5 poly mailers for clothing and non-fragile items. These sturdy plastic mailing bags protect contents from rain and dirt better than corrugated boxes or paper envelopes.

  • WATERPROOF POLY BAGS help reduce product damage and refunds by protecting items from rain, dust, stains and more. This makes polymail bags ideal for shirts, towels, bedding, paper and wood products.

  • FAST AND EFFICIENT self-sealing poly bags for shipping reduce labor with a 2-step process. Slip your product into the bag and seal it. Bags accept adhesive labels or permanent marker addressing.

  • 3-LAYER EXTRUDED polyethylene film ensures complete discretion. These large poly mailers deter prying eyes from seeing sensitive contents and preserve the surprise when giftables reach your client.

  • CARRIER-APPROVED large shipping bags are accepted by USPS, FedEx and UPS. Lightweight, space-saving and 100% recyclable white poly mailers have high-strength seams and 1.5” flaps for over-stuffing.


Reliable shipping solutions

Fulfill customer orders quickly and ensure that products arrive in perfect condition with 12 x 15.5 poly mailer bags by KKBESTPACK. These sturdy, weather-resistant and eco-friendly mailers are perfect for shipping soft goods like t-shirts, towels and other non-perishable and non-fragile items. Lightweight and labor-saving mail packaging bags hold large items with ease, self-sealing in seconds so you can get orders out the door fast and garner more satisfied customers.


Sturdy and discreet

Essential additions to your shipping supplies, KKBESTPACK Mailing Bags for shipping are made of 3-layer extruded polyethylene plastic. Puncture-resistant and waterproof, they have a white outer layer and a silver inner layer that shield contents from curious eyes. These large mailing bags have strong seams so you can overstuff them with bulky garments, bedding and other textiles. Unlike cardboard boxes or paper envelopes, our shipping mailers act as barriers to dirt and moisture so items reach customers in clean, pristine condition.


poly mailers for clothing

KKBESTPACK is committed to offering efficient and cost-conscious shipping supplies for small business and e-commerce sellers. Our mail packaging bags allow you to ship products to customers via FedEx, UPS and the postal service like bigger businesses do. You will enjoy peace of mind that your orders are safeguarded from harm. Customers impressed with your professional service will become repeat buyers.


Ship soft, non-fragile items easily and economically. Add KKBESTPACK Mailers and Poly Bags to your small business supplies today.

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