Toner Flaking:
For Laser Printers

  1. Using a generic, off-brand toner cartridge? it could be a matter of poor quality or incompatibility with the fuser. Try purchasing brand name, original toner.

  2. If you notice toner flaking off your paper this is most likely because you are using a heavier stock of paper. This happens because heavier paper requires more heat in order to fuse the toner to the page.

  3. If your printer takes different types of media, Verify that the media (paper/card) used matches the printer setting.Please Using the “Label” setting.

Ink Smearing:

         Select normal or plain paper (default) quality to prevent smearing


Paper frequently jams:

Check the Printer
Make sure that the stack height is below the maximum paper fill indicator.

Check for any obstruction on the paper path, duplex path, and media tray pass through areas. Clear the obstruction if one exists.

Check the condition of the pick roll and separator roller. Clean the rollers if necessary. Also check the paper tray for any signs of damage.